Hydrobike Rentals

Season begins Memorial Day Weekend!




Important Notes About Hydrobike Rentals

  • Please arrive 15-minutes early to allow our staff time to prepare you for your ride.

  • ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED ON WEEKDAYS: During the weekdays, we do not have staff available at the marina unless there is a reservation made, due to this reservations are required at least 2 hours in advance. 

  • During the weekend, reservations are preferred but not required. We can accommodate walk ups, however, we cannot guarantee rides or times.   

  • PARKING: Due to the high foot traffic at the Marina, we ask that our customers park in the gravel lot located on the far side of the restaurant. Parking attendants are available for rides. 

Hydro-Bikes (1hr / $35 Per Person)

5 Bikes Available

Your rental includes an individual hydro-bike, which can be used to explore the beautiful Connecticut River and the streams that feed into it. This eco-friendly, pedal-powered vessel, will have you going a comfortable 4-6 mph with easy effort.

You will be amazed at how little effort it takes to pedal on the river with this water bike.

  • From its stability to its high visibility on the water, the Hydrobike is engineered for a safe, reliable ride.

  • The Hydro bike’s pontoons were scientifically developed by a professional canoe designer for optimum buoyancy, speed, and maneuverability. That means you will have a smooth ride even in very choppy water.

  • Stable enough to dive from, the Hydro-bike can also handle rough water conditions, including five-foot swells.


Time on the water: 60 Minutes

Price: $35