Paddle Board Rentals

We are CLOSED for our 2023 season. We want to thank all of our customers for their support. We will return Memorial day weekend 2024.


Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) — 60 Minutes for $30 Per Board

Your rental includes an individual paddle board, that can be used to explore the beautiful Connecticut River and the streams that feed into it.

Stand-up paddle boarding, also known as SUP, is a popular water sport activity that involves standing up on a board and using a paddle to make your way through the water. You’ll use your arms while standing or kneeling to propel you and your board forward.

*Weight Capacity 230-250 lbs, equipment is less sturdy when the capacity is exceeded.

* Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow the staff to prepare you.*

 *Parking – Due to the high foot traffic at the Marina, we ask that customers park in the gravel lot located on the far side of the restaurant and an attendant will be available for rides.*

Time on the water: 1 hour

Price: $30

Ready to get on your SUP for the first time? Here are some quick tips to get you started right away:
  • If it’s your first outing, start in calm water with minimal wind and waves (the brooks and streams that feed into the river are perfect for a calm ride!)
  • The center of the board is near the center grab handle. This is where your knees (if kneeling) or feet should be
  • Start on your knees until you feel comfortable enough to stand
  • When standing, keep your knees slightly bent, and keep your eyes forward
  • Paddle from you core and not your arms
  • The angled side of your paddle’s blade should be pointed away from you (towards the front of the board). This is counter-intuitive, but it’s the correct and most efficient way to paddle
  • If you’re going to fall, try to fall away from the board rather than on the board
  • To pull yourself up, use one hand to grab your SUP’s center handle. Slowly raise one leg onto the board. You then should be able to pull yourself up the rest of the way pretty easily
  • Always start paddling into the wind. When fatigued, paddling back with the wind will be much easier than against it.
  • Always wear a SUP leash and personal flotation device